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Review 3.1 Chordates, Vertebrates and fish


Answer each of the following questions in your own words on a separate sheet of paper (do not cut and paste) .


  1. Describe the characteristic that make up the phylum Chordata.
  2. Draw and label a diagram of a lancelet just as we did in class (do not cut and paste).
  3. The phyla Chordata is divided into 3 subphyla name each and list their characteristics.
  4. What is the difference between the appendicular and axial skeleton.
  5. Describe the 3 classes of fish within the subphylum vertebrata.
  6. Draw and label a fish diagram external and internal (do not cut and paste).
  7. Describe each parts of your fish diagrams function.
  8. Describe the difference between the 3 types of fish scales we discussed in class.
  9. Draw and label the parts of a fish brain (do not cut and paste).
  10. Provide a summary description of the characteristics the make up each of the following vertebrata classes:
    1. Amphibia
    2. Reptilia
    3. Aves
    4. Mammalia
  11. Compare and contrast the hearts found in each of the classes above.
  12. What is the state fish and reptile?
  13. Describe how the scientific process works (solving a problem or question).