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DV Biology presents: Just Do "Science" 

Science project videos (parts 1-7)

  1. Introduction

  2. Selecting a topic

  3. Research

  4. Purpose & hypothesis

  5. Experiment

  6. Research paper

  7. Exhibit

Now is your chance to be the scientist and use the scientific method to discover the answer to a biological problem.

Goal of Project:  Students will use the scientific method to investigate a biological question of interest.


Timeline: Students will have 15 weeks to carry out their scientific project. Presentation will be done at the start of the 16th week.


Groups: students may choose to work in groups of no more then four students from within the class.


 Basic outline of Experimental Science Project


  1. Make observations and select a Topic (biological)
  2. Research the topic
  3. Make hypothesis & prediction
  4. Design an experiment to test hypothesis
  5. Conduct experiment
  6. Record observations and perform calculations
  7. Summarize results
  8. Draw conclusion


**Important - Read this link link to an Internet Website  for a detailed description of the steps to use in completing your experimental science project. This link   has a "topic wizard" that will help your decide on a topic and other useful resources.

Check points: Time frame that certain parts of the experimental science projects should be completed (helps students stay on track).


1st check point:    groups will present their topic/question to the instructor within the first 7 days from the beginning of the assignment.


2nd check point:    groups will present their topic/question research, hypothesis, prediction and a rough outline/sketch of their experimental design (include control, independent & dependent variables) to the instructor for approval within 14 days of topic/question approval.


3rd check point:   finalization of experimental design: Detailed description of experiment (provide a list of all variable in your experiment). One week after check point 2.


4th check point: groups will provide update of experiment (visual, written, etc) within 4 weeks of check point 2 approval.


5th check point: Within 3 weeks of due date for project students will provide summarized results of experiment for review.




Type a detailed report of the project: Include the following in your report


  1. title page
  2. table of contents
  3. problem
  4. research on problem
  5. hypothesis & prediction
  6. materials & experiment
  7. Observations & results
  8. Conclusion
  9. Application: How might this information be used by the public.
  10. Bibliography/work cited



Prepare a presentation: Each group will present their finding to the class.

  1. Decide what presentation medium you will use: poster board, power point, video, web page, etc.
  2. Follow steps of your project and report; tell the story of your project from start to finish.
  3. Use visuals when ever possible.
  4. Rehearse your presentation to work out all the bugs it is crucial for your audience understanding.
  5. Be prepared for questions. Be confident!


Rubric:   Use while you are completing your science project (will be turned in with project).


Helpful links


Example topics: biological problems, Intermediate projects, Senior projects , Choosing a topic , Discovery channel , Science project ideas