Biology Week 28 - Day 5 - 6

286 - STD Essay Planning Guide   Evaluation Rubric
  • The purpose of a science essay is to communicate your ideas.
  • No matter the length of your essay, you are most concerned about communicating your ideas clearly.
The assigned length of your essay is: 5 paragraphs
  • Any written communication intended to inform could be considered an essay.
Research Topic
  • This is the problem, question, or idea you wish to communicate.
Your assigned topic is: Why are STD's caused by viruses more of a problem than those caused by other types of organisms?
Curriculum Content
  • Identify the curriculum content included in the essay.
Curriculum concepts for this essay include:
  • Sexually transmitted diseases
  • Disease vectors for STD's
  • STD cures
Research Organization
  1. Read related material in the textbook.
  2. Refer to notes about the topic on the Class Internet Page.
  3. Review external links from the Class Internet Page.
  4. Review science news links from the Internet Science Room Page.
Assignment Schedule
  • Deadline assigned for the finished essay.
  • Benchmark dates.
The assigned deadline and benchmarks for the essay are:
  • This essay is due at the end of class tomorrow.