Graphing Practice Problem #1

Oxygen can be generated by the reaction of Hydrogen Peroxide with Manganese Dioxide.

2H2O2 + MnO2 2H2O + Mn + 2O2
A chemistry class sets up nine test tubes and places different masses of MnO2 in each test tube. An equal amount of H2O2 is added to each test tube and the volume of gas produced is measured each minute for five minutes. The data from the experiment is:

Tube # MnO2 (g)1 min (ml O2)2 min (ml O2)3 min (ml O2)4 min (ml O2)5 min (ml O2)

  1. What volume of O2 did tube #3 produce between the second and fourth minutes?
  2. How much O2 is produced in tube #5 during the first two minutes?
  3. How much oxygen did tubes 7 and 8 produce together during the third minute?
  4. What volume of oxygen gas, in liters, was produced during this procedure?
  5. Graph the amount of oxygen produced each minute in test tubes # 2, 4, and 6.
  6. By comparing the slope of the graph curves, which tube was producing oxygen at the fastest rate between minutes four and five?
  7. Make a graph using the mass of manganese dioxide and the volume of oxygen for all tubes at five minutes.

Graphing Practice Problems