Biology Week 26 - Day 2 - 5

Day 3-4 Circulation and Respiration - Heart Disease Research Paper Planning Guide   Evaluation Rubric
  • The purpose of a scientific paper is to communicate findings on a specific research topic.
  • Thousands of papers are published on original research topics by professional scientists each year.
  • Before scientists can start original research, they and their staff must search the published literature to find out what is currently known about the topic.
  • As a research assistant to a professional scientist, you assume the responsibility of finding the most current information published on your assigned topic.
  • No matter the length of your paper, you are most concerned about finding current information and communicating it clearly.
There is no assigned length for this paper. You are expected to cover the topic fully.
  • Professional scientific papers are published in scientific journals for review by other professional scientists.
  • As a research assistant, your paper is part of the review by a professional scientist in preparation for original research.
Research Topic
  • This is the problem, question, or hypothesis under consideration by your professional scientist.
Your assigned research topic is:
How do diet and exercise alter the chance of having a myocardial infarction?
Curriculum Content
  • Identify the curriculum content included in the paper.
Curriculum concepts for this paper include:
  1. How the heart muscle works.
  2. How the heart muscle receives nourishment.
  3. What a heart attack is.
  4. The nutrients needed by the body.
  5. The effects of exercise on the body.
Research Organization
  1. Read related material in the textbook.
  2. Refer to notes about the topic on the Class Internet Page.
  3. Review external links from the Class Internet Page.
  4. Review science news links from the Internet Science Room Page.
  5. Organize your research information as a "concept map".
Assignment Schedule
  • Deadline assigned for the finished paper.
  • Benchmark dates.
The assigned deadline and benchmarks for the paper are:
  • You have three class days to work on the paper.