Unit 1 Section 6: Mutations and Cancer

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  1. Mutation
  2. Germ mutation
  3. Somatic mutation
  4. Chromosome
  5. Deletion
  6. Inversion
  7. Translocation
  8. Nondisjunction
  9. Gene mutation
  1. Point mutation
  2. Frame-shift
  3. Mutagen
  4. Teratogen
  5. Cancer
  6. Oncogene
  7. Proto-oncogene
  8. Anti-oncogene
  9. Carcinogen
  10. Tumor
  1. Benign
  2. Malignant
  3. Metastasize
  4. Carcinoma
  5. Sarcoma
  6. Lymphoma
  7. Leukemia
  8. Chemotherapy
  9. Radiation therapy

Mutation: any change in the DNA of an organism.

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find the answer to today's question What determines if a mutation is helpful?

Mutated Bug Truths about mutations: link to an Internet Website

Types of mutations:

  **Short Video on Gene mutations:

Frame shift mutation point mutation








Mutagen: anything that causes a mutation. link to a local webpage 
with useful information

Some well known environmental examples:

Teratogen:link to an Internet Websiteanything that can cause malformations of an embryo or fetus.

Some examples:

1.6a Assignment - Mutations and Cancer
Scoring criterialink to a local webpage

  1. Some theories state that mutations are involved in the evolution of life on Earth. Assuming this is true, write a paragraph describing the difference that a somatic mutation and a germ mutation would have on future generations.
  2. Do you think chromosome mutations or gene mutations might occur most often? State the reasons for your choice.
  3. Chromosome mutations probably occur in which of the four steps of the cell cycle?link to a local webpage
  4. List three other Teratogen that are not listed on this webpage and give a brief description of each.
  5. Explain the difference between a gene mutation and a chromosome mutation?
  6. What is melanoma? What causes it?
  7. List 3 chemicals found in cigarette smoke that cause cancer.
  8. What was Asbestos used for?
  9. How would you describe the mutations shown in the pictures linked above. link to a local picture  link to a local picture What type (germ or somatic) of mutations are they? Why?
  10. View video on Gene mutations (top of page) and answer the questions here.

Honors biology: complete this section along with the above questions

    1. Using internet resources search and find one disorder in animals caused by a mutation: include


Research Links:

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A mutation is helpful if it gives the organism an advantage over ones without the mutation.