Science Project Evaluation Rubric     assignment # __________
Student Name: Score:
This analytic rubric is used to verify specific tasks performed during a student project. If the task has been completed, all points are awarded. No points are awarded if the task is not complete.
CategoryScoring CriteriaPointsStudent
15 points
The role assumed by the student is valid. 5    
A valid reason for the project is clearly defined. 5    
All the needed skills are identified. 5    
15 points
A "real world" purpose for the project is identified. 5    
The amount of detail and scientific terms in the project is appropriate for the target audience. 10    
30 points
The project shows connections between school work and its application to the larger world. 5    
The format of the final product is appropriate for the role the student has assumed for this project. 5    
The completed project demonstrates a good understanding of the curriculum content areas involved. 5    
The student demonstrates a commitment to producting quality work by paying attention to details and accuracy. 5    
After the project, the student can identify one new skill that was learned. (placed on back of this sheet as #1) 5    
After the project, the student can identify one existing skill that was improved. (placed on back of this sheet as #2) 5    
20 points
A detailed plan of action is written and given to the science facilitator before beginning the project. 5    
The plan of action establishes when each step of the project will be completed. 5    
Essential materials are gathered or arranged for during the planning stage of the project. 5    
The student evaluates the project in progress, making adjustments to improve the final product. 5    
The student demonstrates good time management skills by meeting all completion dates throughout the project. 5    
10 points
After completing the project and presenting it to the target audience, the student writes up a critique identifying personal strengths and weaknesses during the project and setting goals for improvement. (placed on back of this sheet as #3) 10    
Total Points
Self-evaluation Students are expected to honestly evaluate their own work. If the difference between the student evaluation and the teacher evaluation is more than 10 points, 5 points will be deducted from the teacher's score when the grade is recorded.
Deadline This completed evaluation is due by the end of class the day following completion of the project. Twenty points will be deducted if this deadline is missed.