Science Research Paper Evaluation Rubric     assignment # __________
Student Name: Score:
This analytic rubric is used to verify specific tasks performed when producing a research paper. If the task has been successfully completed, all points are awarded. No points are awarded if the task is not complete.
CategoryScoring CriteriaPointsStudent
10 points
Separate page abstract clearly summarizes the essential research findings and conclusion in less than 200 words. 10    
Title Page
5 points
Title page consists only of: a descriptive title for the paper, author's name, and paper completion date. 5    
15 points
A thesis statement makes the research topic clear. 10    
Background information is provided to establish the importance of the research topic. 5    
Report of
15 points
Scientific terms and concepts are properly used. 5    
Research findings are presented in the student's words, not "cut and pasted". 5    
At least one research reference is "quoted". 5    
15 points
The most important research findings are restated. 5    
Student's final thoughts about the research topic are stated. 5    
No new information is introduced. 5    
10 points
A single page annotated bibliography is provided.
(A brief description of the information contained in the source is proved for each reference.)
15 points
Professional Vernacular - a single page with all relevant terms defined. 5    
Diagram - at least one diagram or picture of importance related to the research topic is included. 5    
Research organization is demonstrated by including the concept map used to plan the paper. 5    
15 points
Paper demonstrates an effort to produce a professional paper free of grammar, spelling, and typing errors. 10    
There are no "first person" statements in the paper. 5    
Total Points
Self-evaluation Students are expected to honestly evaluate their own work. If the difference between the student evaluation and the teacher evaluation is more than 10 points, 5 points will be deducted from the teacher's score when the grade is recorded.
Deadline All "turn-in" assignments are expected to be completed by the assigned deadline. Research papers will be accepted for 3 class days after the deadline for 3/4 credit. No credit will be given after this time.