Making a Baby: A Genetic Simulation



  In this lab activity you will participate in combining your simulated gamete with another students simulated gamete. From this combining of germ cells you will analyze the resulting genotypes and create a simulated new baby human. All students will then make a drawing of the face of their simulated baby at age 15 based on the genotype to phenotype simulation booklet. Follow the directions given in the genotype to phenotype simulation booklet closely.


Items to complete before coming to class

1. Begin by printing off the Genotype to Phenotype Simulation Booklet link to a local webpage - if you can try to print the booklet front to back as the pages for the booklet are set up to be folded in half once the pages are placed front to back. Fold the book in half so that the "baby and girl picture" is the front page and the "cutting out the chromosomes" page is the back of the book. If the book is set up correctly you will be able to flip through the book from page 1 to 25.Once folded in half unfold and staple your booklet along the crease line from the fold this will hold you book together. Bring this booklet with you to class. (pdf booklet)


2. You must also have a set of chromosomes to use in this simulation so print this set of chromosomes off link to a local webpage . If you are a male use blue paper and if you are female use pink paper. Once printed follow the directions on the back of your simulation booklet on how to prepare you chromosomes for this activity. Bring your chromosomes in an envelope to class along with your simulation booklet and be prepared to combine your chromosomes with someone else. (pdf chromosomes)


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