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Student Self-Evaluation

One of this classes goals is to help students gain experience in self-evaluation. Teacher-prepared rubrics are provided for student use in self-evaluation of their major class products. Most of these are analytic rubrics - setting forth the tasks expected of the students, with points awarded only if a task is completed. It is this teacher's experience that students are more successful when given the exact criterea they will be graded by. At the instructors disgression less points can be awarded when a particular part of the assignment is done with poor quality. In addition, most of the assignments with rubrics have a specific rubric for that assignment Use these evaluation guidelines for assignments without rubrics. Below are links to basic sample rubrics.

Self-evaluation rubrics for:

essays | research papers | presentations | projects | models | lab reports | graphs



Team Assignments

Teamwork is an acquired skill needed in today's world. Team sports have long been recognized for teaching the idea of accomplishing team goals by taking advantage of individual strengths. While this example is a good one, all students need more opportunities to learn to make decisions within a Team. Internet Assisted Instruction biology students often work in teams/groups, gaining experience as team members. When directed by your instructor teams will use these obligation worksheets to evalutate each person in the group.


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