Building Webpages for Desert Vista High School Science Class

How to start | Basic tags | Webpage composition | Webpage color codes

Basic webpages are built using HTML, or Hyper Text Markup Language. While there are several software packages that will construct the page for you, they do not always code the websites correctly and Internet Assisted biology students are expected to have an understanding of the basic HTML "tags". For these reason, science assignments requiring a webpage will be constructed using Notepad (some exceptions may be made to this).

HTML is not a programming language. The "tags" are codes enclosed in brackets < >. They tell the internet browser how to display information on the webpage. Most tags have a beginning, < >, and an end, < />. The tags needed to construct basic webpages are explained on this page.

Tags displayed here have a space between the < tag function. This space has been added to keep the browser from identifying them as a display command for this page. When building your webpage, do not use these spaces.

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