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Science Labs

A lab report is a SHORT communication.
Everything is expected to be printed, in ink, on one lab sheet - unless otherwise stated. The challenge is to neatly and concisely report the important information pertaining to your lab experience.
Most "professional" lab records are kept in a bound book.
There can be no corrections made in this book to insure that the information has not been altered. For this reason, it is extremely important that students learn to record procedures and observations properly the first time.
"Professional" science experiments must be able to be duplicated.
Anyone reading your lab report should be able to follow what you did and what happened when you did it. They should be able to repeat your experiment exactly by following your report. This allows someone to check your findings and prove that you are right.
Lab Drawings:
You are asked to make some type of drawing on every lab report. Drawings provide information in a way that the written word cannot. Be sure your drawing is large enough and with enough detail to show the reader what you did or saw.

Study this website for details on good lab drawings. link to an Internet Website

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