DNA Model Lab Report Guide

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Self-evaluation rubric


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 Names: (students can work in groups up to three)


The Lab Problem: Build a model of a DNA molecule.

Research References:



Model Diagram

This lab will be done outside of class.

In teams of no more then three build a model of a DNA molecule using materials of your choice (purchased kits prohibited). Your model must be as follows:

  • The model must be free-standing.
  • The model must show the twisted double helix shape
  • Size no larger then 30 cm wide and deep by 60 cm tall
  • The sugar and phosphate molecules must alternate along the two strands.
  • The 4 nitrogen bases must be joined accurately.
  • Draw a diagram of your model and label all parts.
  • Include model, drawing and rubric to be turned in.

Honors Biology: In addition to the model above

  • show phosphodiester bonds
  • show hydrogen bonds
  • indicate the 5' to 3'  & 3' to 5' directions
  • use this (right side) sequence of nitrogen bases to construct your model

    Top ATTGGCCA Bottom

    "More bases can be added after if you wish"