Lab Station Equipment

  • ring stand
  • ring stand clamp
  • support ring
  • utility clamp
  • test tube holder
  • bunsen burner
  • burner hose
  • striker
  • crucible tongs
  • wire gauze
  • test tube brush
  • beaker brush
  • clay triangle
  • watch glass
  • 400ml beaker
  • 250ml beaker
  • 250 erlenmeyer flask
  • stirring rod
  • test tube
  • 10ml graduated cylinder
  • 100ml graduated cylinder
  • filter funnel

An electronic balance and a triple-beam balance are always available.

If you request additional equipment for a particular experiment, that equipment should be returned to your science facilitator when you have finished with it - do not leave it at your lab station.



Lab-tray Equipment

Some experiments may be done on a "lab tray", without running water and burners. Lab-tray experiments are similar to regular lab experiments, except that they are done on a "micro" scale - using very small amounts of chemicals. These experiments are done at your student table, instead of at a lab station and usually don't require PPE. Some of this equipment is disposable and some is reusable - if you are in doubt, ask! All clean-up must be done with paper towels.

Equipment available for a lab-tray experiment includes:

  • plastic lab tray
  • plastic micro-bottles and stand - to replace reagent bottles.
  • plastic well-plates - to replace test tubes and beakers.
  • single-serving plastic pop bottles - for standard solution preparation.
  • wood splints - for just about anything.
  • paper cups
  • baggies
  • straws
  • balloons
  • paper towels - for clean-up.

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