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Lab: Cell Membrane




Problem:  What would happen to a cell that has ventured into a  hypertonic solution? What about a hypotonic solution?



Research:  (for this part, do your own research on the problems and watch this online video, while answering these questions, then write what you have learned about the problems)  Download the video by right clicking on the link and then selecting: save target as


Hypothesis:  (complete this after you have done your research; A possible solution to the problem that can be tested)


Prediction: (The expected outcome when testing your hypothesis)


Pre-lab Preparation:  Before experiment can begin the shell of the egg must be removed. This is done with the following step




1. Mass egg and record data. Determine volume of egg.  Record any other observed data (size, shape, color, etc)


2. Hard boil an egg, carefully remove the shell and mass all parts of the Shell. Determine the volume of shell.


3. Determine mass of egg without shell by subtracting shell mass from regular egg (baseline data).


4. Do the same for the shell. Record this data as your baseline data.


5. Using new egg perform the following steps.



Experimental Procedure:



1. Remove egg, wash off gently, do not pick at egg, it will break!


2. Dry egg, mass egg, measure length and width and record the data on the data table.


3. Make detailed observations of the egg and record on data sheet.


4. Obtain 100mL to 150mL of syrup in beaker.


5. Place egg into syrup, let stand for one day.


6. After one day, remove egg from syrup, rinse and dry.


7. Observe, mass, measure length & width- record data. (write down your observations)


8. Obtain 100mL to 150mL of distilled water in beaker.


9. Add two drops of food coloring to the distilled water.


10. Place egg in distilled water & food coloring, let stand for one day.


11. After one day, remove egg from distilled water, rinse and dry.


12. Observe, mass, measure length & width- record data. (write down your observations)


13. Dispose of egg in trash & clean all lab equipment.


Honors biology: Include volume and density of the egg in your data collection



Data: (data tables, graphs, & written observations)




Data Analysis: (examine data, did it support or reject hypothesis? Why?)





Conclusion: (state best possible answer to the problems)