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The D. V. Biology web page will be used in order to take advantage of using the internet for assistance in curriculum instruction.

A normal class period: (Until laptops are acquired for the class this format will be somewhat changed)

  1. Most often students will begin each day's class by answering warm-up questions dealing with the current topic.
  2. There may be a demonstration or discussion to reinforce the applications of the current class concept.
  3. Students spend the rest of the class period working on curriculum assignments.
  4. The facilitator is available for individualized help on student assignments.

Saving assignment files:

While most assignments will have a "paper" product that is turned in or placed in your Biology notebook, you will be saving files to disk or the server. When working on science class assignments, all assignment files will be saved in a directory (file).

    Do the following:

    • Create a directory on your own disk and the school server named, biology, this is where you will place your work.
    • Name your assignment files in this way:
      • Use only small-case letters when naming files.
      • Begin each file name with the first letter of your first name.
      • Follow this with your last name.
      • Follow this with the name of the assignment (if name is long abbreviate).
      • Follow this with the single digit day number.
        • (example) If student Jon Doe is saving a file from the 2nd day of the 9th week on biochemistry, the file name would be - jdoebiochemisty2, plus the appropriate file extension (doc, ppt, gif, etc).
      • It is ok to have files with the same name, as long as they are different file types - such as doc, ppt, htm, or gif. If you ever have to save more than one of the same type of file for one day's assignment, just add a letter at the end (a, b,).
        • (example) jdoebiochemistry2a.gif, jdoebiochemistry2b.gif, etc.

Printing papers from your computer: (At the present time, most of this classes printing will be done in the library)

While Internet assisted DV biology is not a "paperless" environment, printing pages from your computer will be done in a way that conserves both school and "natural" resources. You must receive permission from your science facilitator before sending a print job to the "classroom" printer. When you ask for permission to print, the science facilitator is going to "ask what are you printing" and "how many pages is it". Use print preview to know how many pages. Call up the page to be printed, click "file", then "print preview", look at the number of pages the print job contains.

    Guidelines for printing:

    1. Science curriculum pages and other website pages can be printed with permission.
    2. Assignments for other classes will not be printed on the "classroom" printer.
    3. Science assignments may be printed as follows:
      1. These assignments should always be typed and printed:
        • Essays
        • Research Papers
      2. These assignments may be typed and printed:
        • In-class Assignments
        • Homework Assignments
        • Lab reports

Assignment grades will be determined as follows:

  1. Test and quiz grades are recorded as earned points based on right and wrong answers and can be converted to percentages.
  2. Grades for assignments with evaluation rubrics are determined by the criteria stated on the rubric.
  3. Some assignments may be graded for credit only.
  4. Grades for assignments without evaluation rubrics will be given a earned point total based on the following:

    (Example: Student earns a 9 out of 10 points on an assignment equaling a 90% and meets requirements below.)

    • 100% - Excellence, no weakness
      • Completion of all parts of the assignment with 100% accuracy.
      • Demonstrates excellence in thinking skills and performance.
      • Not only neat, clear, and precise but demonstrates insight as well.
      • Demonstrates a desire to excel.

        It is not easy to score 100% on these assignments. You must examine your work critically and remove any "weakness". The key work here is excellence.
        Some key things to check:

        Answers to questions must be in complete sentences.
        Paragraphs must begin with a topic sentence.
        Calculations must show equations with answer circled.
        Work is not done on "spiral" notebook paper.
        Work is done with neatness

    • 90% - Outstanding, some weakness
      • Completion of all parts of the assignment. Some incorrect answers.
      • Demonstrates sound thinking skills and performance.
      • Neat, clear, and precise but lacks depth of insight.
      • Demonstrates a desire to do what is required to the best of their ability.

    • 80% - Above average, good
      • All parts of the assignment are complete. Some incorrect answers.
      • Demonstrates good thinking skills and performance.
      • Neat, clear, and precise but does not demonstrates depth of insight.
      • Shows the student is concerned with meeting above average standards.

    • 70% - Average success
      • All parts of the assignment are complete. Some incorrect answers
      • Demonstrates Average success in thinking skills and performance.
      • Inconsistently neat and clear, does not display insight or even consistent competence.
      • Shows the student is only concerned with meeting minimum standards.

    • 60% - Below average, poor effort
      • More then one part of the assignment is not complete. Many incorrect answers.
      • Demonstrates poor thinking skills and performance.
      • Work is sloppy and poorly done.
      • Demonstrates a lack of concern for success in the class.

    • 50 - 0% - no effort
      • Many parts of the assignment are not complete. Many incorrect answers.
      • Demonstrates very poor thinking skills and performance.
      • Work is sloppy and poorly done.
      • Demonstrates no concern for success in the class.


      • The assignment is not presented for evaluation as required.
      • Demonstrates no desire to pass the class.

  5. Extra credit is not needed when you do each assignment to the best of your ability.

Class grade will be determined as follows:

  • Students earned points on all graded work.
  • Each quarter is 40% of a student's grade.
  • Final exams will count as 20% of a student's grade.
  • Combination of two quarter grades and final exam will equal semester grade.

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