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Biology Notebook

    Keeping records in an organized fashion is important in science, as well as most other "real world" situations. To help students develop record-keeping techniques, student should keep a well organized notebook. This notebook is not only a record of your work in biology, it is part calendar, part diary, and part class notes.

    Guidlines for Biology notebook:

    • The Notebook should be kept in a 3-ring binder (1/2 inch works well).
    • The student name, biology class, and semester will be easily read on the outside of the cover.
    • Daily pages (notes, etc.) should be placed in chronological order at the front of the notebook.
    • All assignments and products should be placed in chronological order at the back of the notebook.
    • All class work should be kept in you notebook for future use (studying, reference, confirming scores). Any student that wants to confirm a score must have the paper with the score on it.
    • A new notebook should be started at the beginning of each each semester.


    • Students are expected to improve the quality of their work throughout the year. Improvement should be seen in the quality of student work and neatness of notebook as the year progresses.