Design a Web page: Plant Fact page



Students will choose any plant they would like and become an expert on that plant. Students will research, compile and organize information on their chosen plant in order to create their own plant fact web page. Web pages will be posted on the bio web page. Students may work alone or in pairs. Once a plant species is taken it cannot be done by others.


*Visit this page for helpful information on web page construction.


*Use this rubric to self evaluate and turn in with webpage. link to a local webpage


Plant Fact Requirements Student Example


1.      Common name and Scientific name (what does it mean)

2.      List all taxonomic names for your plant

a.       kingdom, phylum/division, class, etc

b.      list related species

3.      Physical description of the plant (use what you have read on this web page about plants)

a.      Be specific: root type, dicot/monocot, vascular/nonvascular, tropisms, herbaceous, woody, tissue types

b.      Be specific: roots, stems, leaf type and pattern, flowers, etc

c. explain in your own words

4.      Reproductive method

a.     fruit, flower, seed, spores

b. show a diagram of life cycle of plant

c. explain in your own words

5.      Region and environment plant lives in

a. be as specific as possible

b. explain in your own words

6. Method of obtaining nutrients

a. Autotrophic, heterotrophic, both, explain

b. explain in your own words

7.      Interesting facts

a. Uses by man, environmental impact, harmful effects, etc.

b. symbiotic relations

c. explain in your own words

8. What the experts say

a. Contact an expert on your plant (biologist, botanist, horticulturist, etc)

b. Ask your expert questions about your plant and include it on your web page

1. experts name and title, how you contacted expert, information

c. Use this Experts link to get you started: Remember it may take a few days to correspond so start this part early.

d. Use proper etiquette when corresponding. Do not give out personal information, stick to the project!!!




Web page Requirements


1.     Very Important !!! All pages and images for plant web page must be saved in a folder with your name(s), class period and name of plant. When saving your main or first page to your webpage in this folder make sure to save it as index. You will turn in this entire folder!!!

2.      Organized and professional looking

3.      Student(s) name and class period

4.      At least two photos

5.     At least two link to other resources (not done as a web address showing on the web page link) Incorrect Example: Correct Example: DV biology

6. List of resources ( example: name of web page and URL) Can be done as a link



*Students will save web page in a file named with their full name, class period and plant name (johndoe7juniper). Save web page to disk or public folder.


*Student must print out a copy of index page, attach rubric on top and turn into instructor with disk if not saved in public folder.