Science Class Bonus Activities
These activities are not done for any type of grade.

Congratulations! By successfully completing all assignments ahead of schedule, you may now choose any of the following activities to do until the next grade period begins. Of course, you could always keep working until you finish the assignments for the whole year!

  • Make your own CD:
    • Transfer all your great science work to a CD.
    • Make your own artwork for the CD box cover.
    • The CD will be yours to keep.

  • Would you like to be "The Science Guy"?
    • Make a video of yourself doing an exciting science experiment.
    • Put this video on a VCR tape to keep, or if you made a CD, add the video to it.

  • Are you the next Stephen King?
    • Write a horror short story having something to do with science. Send it to your instructor by email.

  • Are you the next Steven Spielberg?
    • Make a science fiction movie. Put this movie on a VCR tape or CD to keep.

  • Become "The WebMaster":
    • Is there an area of science that you really like and want to become an expert in? Start a webpage about it and post the page on the internet.

  • Kicks With Graphics!
    • The DV biology web page could use a hot new logo on the webpage. Design one for our homepage.

  • Be a clown:

  • Do your math with a slide rule:
    • Learn about slide rules.
    • If you learn to do the operations with a check mark, you can keep my slide rule.

  • Make a simple task difficult:

  • Have a shocking experience:

  • Be Mister Freeze:
    • Design a science experiment using dry ice. The dry ice will be provided.

  • Do you have an idea better than any of these?
    • Clear it with your teacher first, then do it.