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Reporting of Research

Along with the useful information below on essays, research papers, presentations, projects and graphing, always remember to read the specific directions for each individual assignment. The specific directions and rubrics for individual assignments may differ slightly from what is posted here on this page.

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Essay Basics
Planning Guide for Science Essays
Evaluation Rubric for Science Essays


Science Research Papers
Refer to this page for the basics about paper arrangement and how scientific papers are read.

Two detailed examples of research papers on the net are:

Use the following to help answer questions about the proper way to write papers and site references:


Science Presentations

  • Planning Guide for Science Presentations
  • Evaluation Rubric for Science Presentations

    Most often the presentations will be given to the whole class. In some cases they may be given to smaller groups or the instructor alone depending on time concerns. Most of the assignments with a presentation will have specific directions and a rubric. Remember to present good information in an interesting way.

    1. Oral Presentation
      • A written abstract and bibliography are required.
      • Know the goal of your presentation.
      • Make your presentation appropriate for the audience.
      • Use visual aids to make the presentation interesting.
        • This is the time to use PowerPoint.
      • You should use notes during the presentation, but do not read it!

    2. Multimedia Presentation
      • This means more than one kind of media is involved.
      • The presentation should run by itself, without your immediate input.
      • Include all the parts of a typed paper in the presentation.


Science Projects & Models

This planning guide will help students organize and complete any biology project or model assignment. Most often each assignment will have specific directions and rubric for scoring that assignment. Example of types of projects: power points, webpages, posters, models, videotape, skit, debate.

Science Graphs

There are many types of graphs, but they all serve one basic purpose. Graphs are used to make the data from an experiment easy to understand. Most graphs in science are "line" graphs. This class stresses students learning how to construct and interpret line graphs.

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