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Student Resources


  Use the following links as a resource for information pertaining to the use of this web page and participating in this biology class.


Weekly Outline - Current outline of the weeks activities and assignments (updated every Monday).

Grading Guidelines - Information on determining assignment grades, scoring rubrics, and semester grades.

Semester Grade Calculator - Insert your semester grades to determine what you need to get on the final.

Evaluations & Teamwork - Guidelines for student self evaluations and working together on assignments

Student Notebook - Provides guideline for keeping a biology notebook for the class.

Reporting Research - Provides information on essay writing, research paper writing, class projects, models, presentations, graphing and planning guides plus rubrics.



Honors biology book log in - Biology Concepts & Connections (pelican book)

DV biology Wiki - Log in to our Wiki site for projects and discussions.

Lab write up & Graphing - This site will help you with graphing and writing a lab report.

Science Labs - Information on conducting a lab, Lab safety, equipment, making drawings

Biology animations - View many animations on different biological topics at this site.

Science AIMS student guide - Use this cite to see some sample type questions for the high school science AIMS.




Gmail - sign up for a web based email account allowing you access to your email any place you can get internet connection.

Google Docs - Use you Gmail account along with this site and store and work on files with other students in you group.

Microsoft office live work space - Store and share documents online for free

Microsoft 2007 Office Compatibility Pack - Open, edit, and save documents, workbooks, and presentations in the file formats new to Microsoft Office Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 2007.

Using Computers - Information on class periods, saving files, printing, setting up directory.

Communication Technology & Evaluating WebPages - Provides guidelines on determining if a webpage is a reliable source of information.

Building web pages - basic information on html and web page resources.

Power point viewer - Web site with PowerPoint download (PC users can open and view (but not edit) PowerPoint Presentations).

Video’s, United streaming – Use this site to sign up for online videos, you will create your own username and password to access online videos.

Create a Graph - Provides a way to create graphs online and use them in your assignments.

Citation Machine - Another cite to use to create your work cited page.

Create a bibliography - Provides a way to create a work cited or bibliography online.


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