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Name(s):_______________________________________________ Date:____________ Period:_____



Lab: Survey of Invertebrates



Objectives:     1) Identify individual characteristics of each invertebrate phylum

                        2) Compare the similarities and differences between members if each phylum

                        3) Identify body forms in each of the invertebrate phylum and state importance



STATION 1    Phylum:ญ__________________


  1. Names of Specimens:




  1. Describe how the members of this phylum feed.





  1. What are the functions of the choanocytes?





STATION 2    Phylum:__________________


  1. Name of Specimens:



  1. Name the two body forms that occur in this phylum.




  1. List each specimen with the type of body form it has:




  1. Describe the unique way most of the members of this phylum capture food.





STATION 3    Phylum:ญญญญญญญญญญญญญญญญญญญญญญญญญ__________________


  1. Name of the Specimens:



  1. How do members of this phylum get oxygen to its cells?




  1. Which of the above specimens are free-living and which are parasitic?




  1. Describe how a planarian takes in food, digests it, and gets rid of wastes?





  1. How does a person get a tapeworm?





STATION 4    Phylum:__________________


  1. Names of specimens:




  1. Briefly describe that digestive tract of a roundworm.




  1. Where do Ascaris worms live inside its host?




STATION 5    Phylum:____________________


  1. Names of specimens:




  1. This phylum is known to have this type of body cavity?




  1. List each specimen and the class that it belongs to.





  1. Compare and contrast how clams and squid feed.




  1. What are the three parts of a mollusk?



STATION 6    Phylum:ญญญญญญญญญ____________________


  1. Name of specimens:




  1. The body plan (or cavity) of this phylum is ______________________.



  1. The common name for this phylum is ____________________.



STATION 7    Phylum:ญญญ____________________


  1. Name of specimens:




  1. What two characteristics do all specimens of this phylum share?





  1. How is each of the specimens different?





STATION 8    Phylum:___________________


  1. Name of specimens:




  1. This phylum is known as the first to develop a(n) ญญญญญญญญ_____________________ skeleton.



  1. The phylum name means: ญญญญญญญญญ_______________________________________.