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Team Assessment:

Evaluation of team members' work during a project is accomplished through peer-assessment. After completion of a project, the team discusses each member's performance using these criteria. Each team member receives a percentage of the team project grade, based on this assessment by the team.

Assignment Worksheets for:
Team Leader | Team Recorder | Team Internet | Team Literature

7 Obligations of Each Member Assessment Criteria Evaluation % of
Project Grade Received
Team Leader
1 per team
Fulfilled all seven obligations with minimal supervision, and provided extra help where needed Superior 100%
1 per team
Fulfilled six of the seven obligations with help from other team members Excellent 95%
1 or 2 per team
Fulfilled five of the seven obligations while making an honest effort to help the team Good 85%
1 or 2 per team
Fulfilled four of the seven obligations and needed to improve their cooperation with the team Fair 75%
  Fulfilled less than four of the seven obligations making other team members do much of the work expected of this member Poor 65%

Students choose their own teams, as long as the class numbers are evenly divided. If the class does not wish to choose their own teams, teams are assigned by random selection. A team will work together for two projects. During this time, positions are decided within the team, but members cannot hold the same position on both projects.

Any questions or problems that arise within the team will be handled by the team leader. The Science Facilitator is a resource for the team leader when help or advice is needed.

The Science Facilitator works most closely during the week with the Team Leader.

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