Biology Week 26 Circulation & Respiration quiz Name _______________________

Matching questions - place the letter of the term in the right column that best fits the definition in the blank by the definition.

_______ 1. Thick walled vessels with blood under high pressure A. erythrocytes
_______ 2. Thin walled vessels with blood under low pressure B. lymph
_______ 3. Blood vessels where exchange occurs between body cells and blood C. arteries
_______ 4. Red blood cells D. plasma
_______ 5. White blood cells E. alveoli
_______ 6. Two branches of the trachea leading to the lungs F. platelets
_______ 7. Air sacs at the end of each bronchioles G. leukocytes
_______ 8. The straw-colored liquid part of blood H. veins
_______ 9. Blood structures responsible for clotting. I. bronchi
_______10. Low-pressure vessels that collect plasma from body tissue J. capillaries

Multiple choice questions - place the letter of the best answer in the blank beside the question number.

_______ 11. At rest, the heart pumps about this much blood each minute
. A. one quart B. five quarts C. forty quarts D. none of these
_______ 12. This artery runs along the inside of the thigh
. A. aorta B. subclavian C. femoral D. none of these
_______ 13. Veins keep blood from flowing backward by using
. A. pressure B. valves C. capillaries D. none of these
_______ 14. Plasma makes up about this percentage of the volume of blood
. A. 25 B. 55 C. 75 D. 95
_______ 15. The life span of a red blood cell is about
. A. one year B. one month C. one week D. none of these
_______ 16. The heart muscle is supplied with blood by this circulation
. A. pulmonary B. coronary C. hepatic porta D. none of these
_______ 17. Which of these rises when you inhale
. A. ribs B. diaphragm C. both of these D. none of these
_______ 18. These rings are spaced along the trachea to keep it open
. A. muscle B. bone C. cartilage D. none of these