Biology Week 14 Plant Tissue quiz

Matching questions - In the blank by the question number, place the letter of the term in the right column that best fits the definition.

1. Tissue responsible for photosynthesis and food storage A. roots
2. Tissue made of elongated cells with uneven, flexible cell walls B. xylem
3. Tissues that give a plant its "woody" characteristics C. epidermis
4. Straw-like tubes conducting water and minerals upward in a plant D. parenchyma
5. Straw-like tubes conducting food downward in a plant E. stems
6. Growing regions where cells divide F. collenchyma
7. Absorb water and minerals from the soil G. phloem
8. Support the plant H. leaves
9. Specialized for capturing sunlight for photosynthesis I. meristems
10. A layer of cells that protects the plant and reduces water loss J. sclerenchyma

Multiple choice questions - place the letter of the best answer in the blank beside the question number.

11. Structures that regulate gases passing into and out of a plant leaf
. A. meristems B. stomata C. cork D. none of these
12. This meristem produces growth in length
. A. apical meristem B. lateral meristem C. tropical meristem D. none of these
13. Structures that greatly increase the surface area of roots for absorption
. A. root caps B. root hairs C. both of these D. none of these
14. The first root to grow out of a seed
. A. root cap B. fibrous root C. primary root D. none of these
15. The lighter-colored wood in a tree that conducts water
. A. sapwood B. heartwood C. springwood D. none of these
16. Plant movements toward or away from an environmental stimulus
. A. meristems B. mycelium C. tropisms D. none of these
17. A root system with the primary root growing much larger than the other roots
. A. primary B. taproot C. fibrous D. none of these
18. Non-woody plants with soft stems
. A. shrubs B. trees C. fibrous D. none of these
19. Groups of cells that perform a common function
. A. organs B. tissues C. wood D. none of these