Biology Week 22 Reptiles quiz Name:
Place the letter of the best answer in the blank beside the question number.

1. Reptiles have a body covered with
. A. dry skin B. moist skin C. scales D. none of these
2. Marine animals whose limbs are "flippers"
. A. turtles B. terrapins C. tortoises D. none of these
3. Lizards always have these
. A. eye-lids B. external ear openings C. both of these D. none of these
4. A general identification of alligators and crocodiles can be done by comparing their
. A. tails B. teeth C. snouts D. none of these
5. This membrane encloses the embryo in an amniote egg
. A. allantosis B. amnion C. chorion D. none of these
6. Venom proteins that destroy red blood cells and disrupt blood clotting
. A. hemotoxins B. neurotoxins C. antibodies D. none of these
7. The dorsal shell of Chelonians
. A. plastron B. carapace C. bridge D. none of these
8. Eggs hatch outside the body of the female in animals that are
. A. oviparous B. ovoviviparous C. viviparous D. none of these
9. This membrane lines the shell of an amniote egg
. A. amnion B. allantosis C. chorion D. none of these
10. These animals hold their body temperature at a constant level
. A. endothermic B. ectothermic C. viviparous D. none of these

True-false questions, use a plus (+) for true or a zero (O) for false.

11. Reptiles have poorly developed lungs.

12. Terrapins have toes that are webbed for swimming.

13. Oklahoma is home to a lizard without legs.

14. All venomous snakes in Oklahoma are pit vipers.

16. The gavial is an alligator relative that feeds on plants.

17. Pit vipers produce mainly neurotoxins.

18. No gases are able to pass through the shell of an amniote egg.

19. Amniote eggs must be fertilized before the egg shell forms.