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This website has two parts: System Study Guides and System Quizzes.


Complete the following Study Guides: Digestive System, Excretory System, Circulatory System, Reproductive System, and Respiratory System.


Digestive System Study Guide:

*Click on the head of the pig*

1.      What are the paired nares?



2.      What is the function of the papillae?





3.      Where is the epiglottis located?



*Start Over* *Click on Abdomen*

4.      Which organs are highlighted on the picture once the cut is made through the peritoneal membrane?




5.      Whats visible underneath the liver?



6.      What is the location and function of the gall bladder?



7.      What occurs in the small intestine?





8.      What is the function of the pyloric sphincter?




9.      Which organ filters out and destroys dead blood cells?




10. What is the function of the umbilical arteries?




11. Why is the pancreas important?




12. What is the last part of the large intestine that stores solid waste?





13. Why is the mesentery a purplish color?




*Start Over* *Close the Digestive System Study Guide*


Excretory System Study Guide:

1.      What are the kidneys responsible for?



2.      What else do the kidneys do?



3.      Which blood vessel carries unfiltered blood to the kidneys?



4.      What is the function of the ureters?



5.      Where is the urine stored?



6.      How does urine exit the bladder?



*Close the Excretory System Study Guide*


Respiratory System Study Guide:

1.       Trace the pathway by listing the structures air takes going into the pigs body.





2.       How does the diaphragm function to bring air into the lungs?




*Close the Respiratory System Study Guide*


Circulatory System Study Guide:

1.       What is the circulatory system responsible for?




2.       What does the thymus gland do? What happens to it later in life?





3.       What causes heart attacks?




4.       Which chamber of the heart pumps blood into the aorta?



5.       Trace the pathway blood takes from the body through the heart and back to the body.








*Close the Circulatory System Study Guide*


Reproductive System Study Guide:


1.       What are the functions of the ovaries?




2.       What happens to fertilized eggs inside of the uterus?






3.       What are the functions of the testicles?





*Close the Reproductive System Study Guide*



Open the Digestive System Quiz and complete the questions.


Results from the quiz: ______ Correct _______ Incorrect

Open the Excretory System Quiz:


You must complete Part 1 correctly to move on to Part 2. You must complete Part 2 correctly to move on to Part 3.


Part 3: Draw how the parts of the puzzle for the excretory system fit together properly in the space below.


















Open the Circulatory System Quiz:


Write the correct sequence for the flow of blood.







Open the Respiratory System Quiz:


What are the functions for the following (according to the quiz):










Trachea -