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        Protists are a diverse group of eukaryotes that include unicellular and multicellular organisms

        Protists can be classified into three groups: protozoans, algae, and molds.

        Protists have a major ecological impact as food sources, decomposers, and infectious agents.



Students will choose any protist they would like and become an expert on that protist. Students will research, compile and organize information on their chosen protist in order to create their own protist fact web page. Web pages will be posted on the bio web page. Students may work in pairs or threes. Once a protist species is taken it cannot be done by others.


*Visit this page for helpful information on web page construction.


*Use this rubric to self evaluate and turn in with webpage.


Protist Fact Requirements


1.      Common name and Scientific name (what does it mean, how was it named)

2.      List all taxonomic names for your protist

a.       kingdom, phylum/division, class, etc

b.      list related species

3.      Physical description of the protist

a.       Cell structures, organelles, size measurements, etc

4.      Reproductive method

a.       sexual, asexual, description of method

5.      Region and environment protist is found

a. biome- tundra (artic), North America, ponds, soil, etc

6. How does your protist obtain energy (autotrophs, heterotrophs)

a. photosynthesis, predator, what does it prey on. Can it do both photosynthesis and predation.

7.      Interesting facts

a. Uses by man, environmental impact, harmful effects, etc.




Web page Requirements


1.      Organized and professional looking

2.      Student name and class period

3.      At least two photos or diagrams of protist

4.      At least two link to other resources (not done as a web address showing on the web page link) Incorrect Example: Correct Example: DV biology


5.      List of resources (example: name of web page and URL) DV biology Can be done on a linked page.



*Very Important: Students will save web page in a file named with their first name(s), last name(s) and class period and protist name (john doe 7 Euglena gracilis). Save web page to disk and turn into instructor or email it to me.


*Very Important: Student will also print out a copy of web page attach rubric on top and turn into instructor.



Student Protist Web pages